Identity crisis for next-gen Scirocco?

Volkswagen Scirocco rendering

Volkswagen’s next-gen Scirocco is facing a mixed-bag of possibilities as speculation increases on the direction VW will take with its sports coupé.

On the one hand it’s being suggested Volkswagen will tone down the Scirocco to be little more than a slightly different three-door Golf. Some may already argue that’s the approach taken by the current Scirocco. Volkswagen Australia, for example!

Alternatively, Volkswagen could up the ante on the Scirocco and turn it into a more performance oriented model line. Start thinking 300PS (221kW) and, interestingly, a move to a 4motion all-wheel drive system may be on the cards as well.

Even more beautiful is speculation that a 330PS Scirocco RS could be in the pipeline. If it comes to fruition it’s said the RS model would be a lightweight model. Whether any weight reduction measures would be little more than token remains to be seen.

[Source: Car | Rendering: Auto Bild]

4 replies on “Identity crisis for next-gen Scirocco?”

If this is what the new Scirocco will look like then I’m keeping my baby (Scirocco R) for a very long time

As a current Scirocco owner I hope they do more with it, not less.

I would really love to see the audi in line 5 dropped in but its days are numbered (I think) and I can’t imagine that motor will still be around or have life left in it when the MkIV roc is released sometime in 2016/17

The other option might be the rumoured new 6 cylinder with AWD.

I really love the Roc but I can’t see much room for it if it remains just another 2 litre 4 cyl, almost a Golf but not quite variant. It needs to be a bit more expensive with a less generic interior and a bit more of hero status but that will likely have it bumping up to the TT.

One good thing I still like is that you don’t see too many of them. I would be very happy if VW just kept marketing the performance version here.

Jav, there is no “new” Scriocco at this stage apart from the face lift previewed at Geneva.

If you are looking to replace your current R with a future all new Roc then it looks like you will be waiting until 2017.

I’ll have to wait and see what they produce then but in the meantime I’m loving my Roc and yes I’m so glad there aren’t many on the road.

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