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Red Bull explains defence for Australian GP appeal

2014 Australian Grand Prix

Christian Horner has revealed to Autosport the approach Red Bull Racing will take in its appeal to have Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix overturned. Ricciardo crossed the finish line in second place and he and the team have been stripped of the 18 world championship points earned on the day.

The team will argue its decision to ignore a technical directive to use the FIA-mandated fuel flow meter holds no regulatory value. Further, Red Bull will attempt to prove that at no stage during the race did Ricciardo’s car exceed the maximum fuel flow rate and therefore there are no grounds for the exclude Ricciardo from the final results.

“Technical directives are not of regulatory value,” Horner claims. “They are the opinion of the technical delegate—as was made clear in the Pirelli case, which clearly stated that opinions of Charlie are not regulatory.

“It is even stated on the bottom of the directives now, that these do not have a regulatory value.”

Horner goes on to explain that had the team followed the FIA’s directive there would have been a “significant impact on performance” with Daniel’s car. He claims Red Bull had no other option but to rely on its own data.

“So when you are faced with that dilemma of having a sensor that you believe to be erroneous, and a fuel rail that you believe to be entirely reliable, and you are racing for position with an engine already down on power compared to your opponents, what do you do?

“We are absolutely convinced that we abided completely by the technical regulations.”

The appeal will be held on 14 April. During that time the Malaysian and Bahrain Grands Prix will be held and Horner is in discussions with the FIA over what should be done if the same problems experienced in Melbourne reoccur in the next two races.

“Hopefully we will have a sensor that works,” Horner said. “But it is not a position that will be unique to Red Bull.”

[Source: Autosport | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]

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