McLaren Oh the humanity Video

This is just nasty

McLaren F1 crash scene

That there is, or perhaps, was a McLaren F1. You can see video of the aftermath below, which comes to us from Marchettino. His description of the crash scene reads:

This is possibly the most shocking accident I have ever witnessed. While following a McLaren F1, a driver stopped to tell me that just 1km before another F1 just had a massive crash. We ran on the site and saw a white McLaren F1 upside down in a ditch. We’re not sure about the dynamics of the crash but probably the speed let the driver lose the control of the car on the grass, flip over and crash into a tree in the ditch. The car has reported massive damages but hopefully the driver didn’t reported any injuries; the passenger reported a few minor injuries and looked shocked.

Thankfully it appears nobody was seriously hurt. That F1, though, looks pretty rooted.

[Thanks to Paul for the tip]

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