Looks like Tony Fernandes is true to his word

Tony Fernandes

At the start of the year Tony Fernandes told his Caterham F1 team he thought they were under performing and that if he didn’t see improved results in the 2104 season he would walk. “If we’re at the back I don’t think I’m going to carry on,” he said.

Well, with the CT05 proving to be as effective as it is ugly, word on the street says Fernandes is about to walk.

Under the ownership of Fernandes Caterham is yet to score a world championship point and the team currently sits at the bottom of the standings in the constructors’ championship. We’re also guessing Tony wouldn’t have worn his trademark smile when fellow backmarker Marussia scored its first points at the Monaco Grand Prix a few weeks back.

It’s been tipped that Fernandes will announce his sale and departure from the F1 team tomorrow, although he will maintain control of Caterham’s road car division.

[Source: Joe Saward]