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A pair of Alfa Romeo 4Cs at an Italian wrecker's yard

A reader of Car magazine recently spotted this pair of Alfa Romeo 4Cs at an Italian wrecker’s yard. They’re likely to pre-production models and headed for the crusher; a sorry end to some beautiful bodywork. Although, you’d like to think they might be worthy of a museum exhibit perhaps.

“On the outskirts of Turin, I passed a breakers yard in Volvera/Orbassano where my family are, and I could not believe my eyes,” David Whitton told Car magazine. “Piled up on top of other vehicles were two Alfa Romeo 4Cs!

“On closer inspection of the yard through the fence and avoiding the attending (but friendly) Rottweiler dogs, I found another 4C just by the gate. All three look as if they were development mules in a sorry state of repair.”

[Source: Car]