Audi RS3 sedan spied near quattro HQ

Audi RS3 sedan prototype

This S3 sedan bodied test mule has bee spied in Nekarsulm, the home of quattro GmbH. It’s the best sign yet that Audi is planning an RS3 sedan.

Firm details are pretty scarce right now and the closest thing we’ve got to an official comment on the existence of an RS3 sedan are a few hints from Scott Keogh, Audi of America boss, and Matthew Dale of Audi Australia.

Sedan or sportback, we just can’t wait to hear that inline five-pot in action once more.

[Source: Fourtitude | Thanks to Charlie for the tip]

2 replies on “Audi RS3 sedan spied near quattro HQ”

That would be nice! 5 cylinder and all.

Rumour is that the next RS4 will be a 6turbo, maybe a sedan too, but it won’t be the same without the aural pleasure a V8 brings, unless the do the RS3 sedan with the warble.

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