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Is the original always the best?

Peugeot 205 GTi

Here’s two versions of the original 205 GTi commercial that we think has been trashed by the 208 GTi update. Take a look and let us know if you like Peugeot’s old stuff better than their new stuff.

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Ok I’m speaking from experience and the current owner of a 1990 205 GTi and a 1999 306 GTi 6. Looks-wise it is very subjective. In the flesh I slightly still prefer the GTi 6. But in terms of drive-ability, speed, fun and in every other category the 306 GTi 6 is a better car hands down. I will never sell either, but I always prefer driving the GTi 6 over the 205. I think my connection to the 205 is from the old Group B days even though my 205 has probably zero connection to the car they rallied.

Both my cars are stock and well maintained. I’ve always wondered what if I drop the 306 engine into the 205, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Anyway I drive them back to back quite a bit and I still prefer the 306. Right now you could probably pick up an excellent condition GTi 6 for $4-5K and to me that is a bargain compared to a similar condition older 205.

Anyway that’s just my 2 cents worth. I’ve also owned a GTi 180 in the past, but sold that after 3 years years of ownership. Not as fun as the two Pugs I own.

@Stu – I’ve got a nice surprise coming up.

@Greg – Thanks, the 205 GTi and 306 GTi 6 are two of my favourite cars of all time. Both still look great!

The 205GTi and the 405Mi16 are my favourite Peugeot models. I think these cars were at the top of their game at the time, and Peugeot had street cred in Australia then. Now, they are just another european car company to most buyers.
Thanks for the walk back in Peugeot history.

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