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Update on Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi, Marussia F1 Team

In a recent update the family of Jules Bianchi confirmed he remains unconscious but continues to fight. He has been moved from intensive care and has commenced a program of rehabilition therapy.

“It was a significant and very comforting step for us to be able to bring Jules home to France last month, to continue his rehabilitation surrounded by his family and friends. This is very important for Jules and also for us,” Bianchi’s family said in a prepared statement.

“Jules’ neurological status remains unchanged; he is unconscious but able to breathe unaided. Whilst there is no significant information to report, we take a great deal of comfort from the fact that Jules continues to fight, as we knew he would.”

Bianchi was originally relocated from Japan to the Intensive Care Unit of Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice (CHU) in November last year and is now receicing treatment at CHU’s rehabilitation centre.

[Source: Reuters]