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VIDEO: Three days of fun

Chris Harris on Cars, COTY 2014

Chris Harris and mates at Portimao with his favourite cars from 2014. There’s no agenda, no forced result to pick a winning car. It’s simply a recipe for fun. Enjoy!

[Thanks to Richard for the tip]

4 replies on “VIDEO: Three days of fun”

I popped that video onto my ipad and watched it on a plane trip. really enjoyed it. The filming is very good. i really like how it is not a contest, and he can just enjoy all the cars for what they are. it does turn into a bit of a driftfest though.

Lima, you should also post up the follow up video of the Pirelli Trefeo R test. Sure it’s a bit of a commercial for Pirelli, but what it shows is how much difference tyres make. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 is by no means a street tyre, but relative to the Trefeo R, a more traditional track day type tyre with wear rating of 60 (Michelins are 180), it’s night and day. Also shows how quick the 918 Spyder is as it is shod with the Michelins. The EVO test at Anglesea between LaFerrari and 918 had the Ferrari winning by a big margin, but actually if they use the same tyres the Porsche may have been faster!

Whoops sorry Will, P1 indeed! I don’t think there has ever been a LaFerrari vs one of P1 or 918?

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