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No hope for 2015 German Grand Prix

2014 German Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg’s hopes of defending his German Grand Prix title in 2015 appear dashed after the Hockenheim boss ruled out his venue for hosting duties.

Under the usual alternating agreement with the Nürburgring the German Grand Prix was due to be held there in 2015. However, the Ring’s financial woes meant it was not able to host the race and a new deal was expected so that Hockenheim could step in.

However, Georg Seiler, Hockenheim boss says there’s no time left to finalise a deal for the race due to be held on 19 July.

“We have no more hope that the Formula 1 takes place here. We have done everything in the last few years everything to make the fans happy,” Seiler was told German newspaper Bild.

“The time has expired, to organise a race here. Otherwise, the quality of the event would have suffered. We had said we were willing host the race of the Nürburgring—something we had no contractual obligation to do.

“There were discussions with third parties on an assumption of risk, but those were not successful.”

Bernie Ecclestone spoke about the matter before the Australian Grand Prix and told The Independent: “The German Grand Prix is dead at the moment. It won’t get replaced if it doesn’t happen. As with any race, if it is cancelled it is cancelled. There’s not much we can do.”

There is a lot to like about Formula 1, but at the moment, the failure of the German race is another in a long list of things not to like about the world’s premier motorsport category.

Oh well, on the positive side, that’s one less race that Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso have to get through with their three remaining power units for the year.

[Source: Sky Sports F1]

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