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Some hope for 2015 German Grand Prix?

2013 German Grand Prix

After accepting yesterday that the German Grand Prix was likely to be struck off the 2015 F1 calendar a glimmer of hope may yet exist for German F1 fans.

Nürburgring-based blog Bridge to Gantry reports F1 teams have been busy trying to book accommodation for the weekend of 18–19 July, the date allocated for the German Grand Prix.

Under the usual alternating arrangement between Hockenheim and the Nürburgring the 2015 race was due to be held at the Ring. However, financial issues had seemingly prevented that from happening and a deal was hoped to be reached with management at Hockenheim to host this year’s grand prix.

Yesterday it was widely reported that the Hockenheim boss Georg Seiler had said: “We have no more hope that the Formula 1 takes place here.”

Today, it appears a return to the Ring might be on the cards. There’s not a lot of concrete info on offer for this rumor at this stage, other than the tip that an announcement may be coming very soon.

Who knows if anything serious will come from this, but it would be a real shame if there is no grand prix in Germany, so let’s hope there’s some truth to this story.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]

One reply on “Some hope for 2015 German Grand Prix?”

No Formula 1 in Germany, that would be a real shame…. Hopefully the organizers can get their act together, and let this happen.

After all Germany is the home of the Silver Arrows…. Not to mention, Mercedes AMG Petronas is the 2014 constructor and world champions.

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