I’m back, what next?

Adenauer Forst, Nurburgring

I’m back from my overseas holiday. It was an awesome month away which saw me visit the homes of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in Stuttgart, Audi in Ingolstadt, BMW in Munich and Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. And, of course, there was that sub-8 minute lap of the Nürburgring, plus the extra 10 laps I drove myself.

You don’t need me to tell you, it was an amazing experience, but it was! It was also a welcome rest from daily AUSmotive duties.

I often find myself in a quandary with the site; not knowing if it’s still providing value to the readers out there; not knowing if it should be bigger with more contributors; not knowing if I should just close it down and make better use of the extra time; not knowing if I should change the site’s focus—should it just be motorsport, should it just be reviews, should it just be news, should it just be something else?

One thing I’ve always wanted to see here is more comments from the readership. It’s a balance, of course, as a sole contributor I don’t want so many comments that it becomes tiresome to manage, but I would love to see more interaction on here as it gives a much better boost to my motivation than numbers on stats page.

Anyway, in the short term I guess I’ll slowly get back into the routine of things. And I will write updates about my travels. But here’s your chance to tell me what you like about AUSmotive, what you don’t like and what you might like to see in the future. Or perhaps you just don’t care. Either way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below this post or by email.


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I love the WRC in pictures posts. I don’t know where you get the shots from, but they are just stunning. Far better pics and resolution than what are shown on the official site.

Welcome back Liam, love the site and read it daily. I wouldn’t change anything to be honest, great mix!

Italy next?

Stop navel gazing and get back on it.
We missed your updates, so start typing.

This site is one of three websites I visit daily (1 news web site and 2 car web sites). As far as I’m concerned, the current balance is spot on. I know it’s a hell of an effort on your part to keep it up and running but keep at it as it’s a great read.

Been coming to the site for years ~2011 from memory. Favourite parts are the new car previews with super high res images that dont appear on any other sites i.e.

Id prefer more new car news to balance out the motorsport coverage.
p.s. hangout for a piece on the aus delivered new Polo Gti (141kw/ 320nm in a small hatch? Used to love the old eg civics 1.6s running only 119kw 150nm)

Thank goodness you’re back.
I really enjoy your reviews and high resolution pictures you provide.
I don’t read any of the motorsports articles though as I’m more interested in production sports/performance cars that I may have the possibility to own and drive.
Please keep it up and may be have some technical articles on new engines and technologies.

Liam, I personally think you should cover things on the site that YOU find interesting. That way, it keeps you motivated. Don’t worry about the traffic numbers etc. I think you will find there are lots of us out here who actually like the same kind of stuff. If you try to become too focussed on one area, branch out into new areas or pander to a particular audience it will become too much work, and too monotonous for you, and will become a chore rather than an enjoyable hobby. I don’t care what you put up, but back your own judgement on what you find interesting that has a car or motorsport theme. i don’t care if there a 10 posts a day or 1 a month, as long as they are interesting and good quality.

What I appreciate the most about this site is the quality articles. Gladly, you don’t chase the mainstream Media model of ‘more is better’. I can go to Speedcafe for that attention grabbing style

Maybe some more ‘New Car Reviews’ driven by yourself, time permitting of course, and willing manufacturers/dealers. Heck, we do have some great roads near AUSmotive HQ!

As others have said Lima, do what makes you happy. It’s my daily fix and I love every minute of it. I greatly appreciate you putting up content I’ve shoved your way over the years! 😉

As the representative speaker for the readers in austria xD 😉

…please just keep it up!

Every post is great, and a joy to read!


I check Ausmotive everyday. I would not change a thing.

I do understand that it is alot of work for Liam, so I can forgive him if he shuts it down.

Similar sentiments to the above. I check in to Ausmotive every day. It’s nice to have an honest opinion piece even on straight news which is rare for motoring news sites. I love the full press pack releases of new cars as well.

It’s probably too much effort but a comments system such as Disqus would allow notifications when people get replies and that may stimulate further comments and traffic.

As with the others I check in daily….it’s been a long month. Do as much or as little as you enjoy and keep the subject matter to what you like. Can’t go wrong!

Hi Liam,

Great site. Missed the updates whilst you were away! It is one of the (few) websites on my bookmarks list and along with a lot of the others, a daily visit.

I really enjoy the content and from the sounds of it, a lot of the other readers have a similar passion for european performance cars!

All the best,


Being from South Africa, I know we are mortal enemies on the cricket and rugby fields, but I love your website, and check in every day. We also love our cars here in sunny South Africa and i enjoy the great news reports and great pictures…
keep up the good work, mate !

Been visiting this site since 2009 and your work has been consistently excellent. Absolutely a daily visit for me.

Time-consuming hobbies can be difficult to justify, but at the very least your work is hugely appreciated by your audience 👍🏼

Love the mix of news, motorsport and general motoring trivia. As I’m not “into cars” as much these days and spend my time doing other things I still love coming to Ausmotive to keep my finger on the pulse. Welcome back and look forward to stories of your travels.

Great site, one of maybe 4 I check daily. Love the high res pics, as some mentioned you don’t find them anywhere else.

I like your reviews and articles that have that human touch, rather than the typical article on larger papers.


Great job considering its a one man band.
I reckon you should separate the Motorsport news from the regular car news (like you have the separate AusRingers page) and make sure you include V8s!
Also, the articles should be more impartial.
Great job though mate keep it up!

Robbo said it all Liam,
just keep writing about what interests you as and when you want to, and thanks for all the hard work.


Thanks for the site.

I like it pretty much just as it is.
I thinks that because by interests must be similar to yours ( owned several golfs, aspire to a Cayman, follow F1…) so I’d echo the guys who say just keep doing what you enjoy.

And thanks again for taking the time to do it.


keep it going as is I love it write about what interests you.

Zorg2 from Tex.

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