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“The want is strong with this one”

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Chris Harris in the new 911 GT3 RS. He wants it. You want it. We all want it!

If this video is not enough you can also read Harris’ words right HERE.

2 replies on ““The want is strong with this one””

Unlike the GT3 where I didn’t want it because of PDK, the want is indeed strong on this one. Too bad it’s sold out and out of my league!

Chris has been a little disappointing of late. He use to be a lot more honest. Now it’s like every car he reviews is great. I don’t know he has lost a bit of creditability with me. I think liking the new Clio RS on the same level with the Fiesta ST was the final straw when the rest of the world hated the new Clio was the final straw.

This review is fine because he has always been a Porsche fanboy. But his decision to sell a mint manual RS 4.0 in the past or to sell his green Porsche after so much money and time put into it (and now to own a unreliable 90’s Testarossa, sounds good but come on???) makes me wonder his Porsche fan authenticity. I dunno.

Anyway my ultimate car would be a manual RS 4.0 of the last series and de-stickered.

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