Your first look at the Ferrari F12 Speciale

Ferrari F12 Speciale spied August 2015

This is an undisguised Ferrari F12 Speciale. It was spotted in Maranello and gives us an early glimpse of what to expect from the lightweight front-engined V12 supercar.

From this photo you can see the ducts on the rear wheel arch which presumably aid air flow towards the car’s heavily revised rear bodywork. It’s hard to see, but we’re guessing there’s a pretty impressive rear diffuser in place.

The F12 Speciale is expected to be 200kg lighter than the F12 berlinetta, while gaining an extra 22kW (30bhp) in peak power. The motoring world is expecting the F12 Speciale to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

[Pic: Cavallino Rampante]

One reply on “Your first look at the Ferrari F12 Speciale”

look impressive.

I still think the 575M (12 cyl GT’s) is better looking than the 599 and F12.

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