Johanna Quandt 1926–2015

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BMW headquarters, Munich

Johanna Quandt, wife of Herbert Quandt and matriach of the family who owns 47% of BMW, passed away last week. She was 89.

She took a place on the BMW supervisory board in 1982, after her husband died in 1982 and held the role until her retirement in 1997.

She is survived by her two children, Stefan and Sussane. Johanna’s 16.7% shareholding will be passed down to her children. According to Car magazine that will leave Stefan with 26% of BMW’s shares, while Sussane will hold 21%.

The Quandt family helped protect BMW from a takeover bid from Daimler after WWII and have since played an integral role in the company’s fortunes. It’s worked pretty well for the Quandt’s too, who are one of the wealthiest families in Europe.

Johanna Quandt died.


The head of the Quandt family died on 3 August at the age of 89. Johanna Quandt was a member of the BMW AG Supervisory Board until 1997.

Johanna Quandt was a person of outstanding importance for BMW AG and always gave the company her backing. After the death of Herbert Quandt in 1982, she assumed his role at a difficult time and signalled her responsibility for BMW. She continued his legacy with her children, Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten – with an acute sense of duty and a committed entrepreneurial spirit.

Commitment with enthusiasm and passion

Johanna Quandt was Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of BMW AG from 1986 to 1997 and member of the Supervisory Board from 1982 to 1997. She not only made a very valuable contribution to the company, but also used her influence, her voice and her resources to do a great deal of good for the benefit of society. “Johanna Quandt impressed those around her with her sincerity and her warm, straightforward manner. As member and Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board, she was actively involved in the development of BMW AG over many years,” commented current Chairman of the Supervisory Board Norbert Reithofer in a statement on the death of Johanna Quandt.

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management, also paid tribute to her work: “Johanna Quandt worked on behalf of the BMW Group for more than 50 years, bringing enthusiasm and passion to the company. She gave the company support and security.” Chairman of the General Works Council Manfred Schoch underlined the importance of Johanna Quandt to the company: “Johanna Quandt wholeheartedly supported the strong cooperation between the Works Council and shareholders established over the years. She was always willing to listen and an understanding partner. Even among conflicting interests, she always kept her feet on the ground – and never lost sight of employee concerns in difficult times.”

The Supervisory Board, the Board of Management and all active and former BMW AG employees mourn the loss of Johanna Quandt.