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Paris 2012: Bentley Continental GT3 concept

The highlight of Bentley’s stand at the Pairs Motor Show is their Continental GT3 concept. It’s based on the Continental GT Speed and is set to hit racetracks late next year. It’ll be great seeing the big Bentley mixing it with the best on offer from the likes of Audi, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and others. […]

2012 Geneva Motor Show in pictures – part 1

After a couple of days for press previews the doors to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show are about to be opened to the public. Figuring you probably can’t make it we’re bringing you our biggest photo gallery ever. That’s right, there’ll be over 200 images from the floor of Geneva for you to enjoy. We’ve […]

2012 Detroit Motor Show photo gallery

Here we have a selection of images from the floor of the Detroit Motor Show, or more correctly, the North American International Auto Show. Unlike Tokyo late last year there’s a noticeable lack of weird and wonderful concept creations, but we certainly applaud the appearance of the Honda NSX Concept. It’s easily the clear star […]

Somebody, please, make it stop!

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“If Bentley were able to sell an SUV with the same level of craftsmanship as a Continental or Mulsanne, we could have an interesting success on our hands. “I believe our version of the Cayenne could become our biggest selling vehicle… With an SUV, Porsche doubled in size.” They are the harrowing words of Bentley […]

AIMS 2011 gallery: Everything else

Here’s all the left over bits from the Australian International Motor Show. The cars that didn’t quite have enough material for their own sub-gallery or, in some case, cars that usually don’t fit the AUSmotive niche. The Suzuki Swift S-Concept you see above caught our eye. It looks quite sharp, don’t you think. Speaking of […]

The new Bentley Continental GT, now in video

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Following the release of images of the new Continental GT from Bentley you can now feast your eyes on a new video clip. Despite ending somewhat abruptly the footage has a great blend of imagery featuring production and design techniques interwoven with the big GT driving around the Ascari race track.

The new Bentley Continental GT

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Back in 2003 Bentley launched a new Continental GT. It was one of the first models to emerge under Volkswagen ownership. It was a great looking car. It had a big, demanding presence, while having some of the nicest curves in the game. That’s a picture of it above. Looks great, doesn’t it. Well, as […]

White trash

Manchester City footballer Stephen Ireland proves the old adage that money can’t buy taste. But it appears that money can buy love, contrary to the theory put forward by famous Mancs Messers Lennon and McCartney. The abomination above used to be a Bentley Continental GTC before Ireland and his money trashed it in preparation for […]

VIDEO: Derek Bell drives Supersports at Goodwood

Legendary sportscar racer and five time Le Mans winner Derek Bell was thrown the keys to the Bentley Continental Supersports at Goodwood recently. The car’s appearance at the 2009 Festival of Speed offered one of the first opportunities to give passenger rides in the 621bhp W12 coupé, and, of course, Mr Bell was only too […]

Autostadt counts 18 millionth visitor

Car enthusiast heaven, otherwise known as the Autostadt, in Wolfsburg, Germany, recently saw its 18 millionth visitor through the turnstiles. Visitor numbers are nine years ahead of schedule. The Autostadt opened its doors on 1 June 2000, with predictions of 1 million visitors per annum. A figure which, in reality, has turned out to be […]

Bentley Continental Supersports

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Bentley has followed the GTC Speed by extracting even more life from the Continental platform by releasing the 621bhp (465kW) Supersports coupé. The Supersports utlises Bentley’s FlexFuel technology which allows the car to run on bioethanol, petrol or any mix of the two. This enables a drop in CO2 emissions of up to 70 per […]

Bentley Continental GTC Speed

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The Continental GTC was first released in 2006, now Bentley has given things a bit of an extra nudge by releasing details and images of the GTC Speed. Power output of the 6-litre twin turbo W12 is now a mammoth 447kW (600bhp). It is Bentley’s most powerful convertible ever and commenting on the GTC Speed’s […]