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Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel has dropped a bombshell by informing Red Bull Racing that he will be leaving the team at the end of this season. It’s expected this will be the first of a number of high profile moves in the Formula 1 driver market this coming off season. Fernando Alonso is tipped to leave Ferrari […]

Mark Webber: LMP1 v F1

As the only man to compete on the Circuit of Americas in both the World Endurance Championship and Formula 1 Mark Webber took some time out on the weekend to share his thoughts on the two categories. Downforce LMP1’s just a bit heavier … I need to be a little bit more patient with the […]

2014 Singapore GP post-race press conference

It’s always good to read the post-race press conference, you get a chance to see the thoughts of the drivers without any spin. The transcript from the Singapore Grand Prix presser is available for you after the break. Of course, there’s a lot of talk with race winner Lewis Hamilton, but it’s also interesting to […]

Lewis Hamilton wins 2014 Singapore GP

Lewis Hamilton has put himself back atop the drivers’ championship tree with a dominant win at the Singapore Grand Prix. It follows his victory in the last outing in Italy and is the 2008 world champion’s seventh win of the year. Hamilton’s day started brilliantly when his teammate Nico Rosberg was wheeled off the grid […]

Reflecting on Daniel’s first F1 win

Red Bull Racing has released a video celebrating Daniel Ricciardo’s maiden F1 victory, achieved at the Canadian Grand Prix. In effect it’s a stop animation clip, but the frames were captured so close together it’s almost one fluid motion. It’s very cool. Join us as we take the jump, settle back to watch the video […]

Daniel Ricciardo awarded the Trofeo Bandini

Daniel Ricciardo has become the 21st recipient of the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy, awarded to the professional racing driver who most impressed the judging panel in the year prior, usually from the world of Formula 1. Daniel joins the likes of Michael Schumacher (2003), Fernando Alonso (2005), Mark Webber (2006), and Sebastian Vettel (2009) as previous […]

Where the neon signs are pretty

We all know thermal imaging cameras in Formula 1 are pretty cool. And that’s just when they show a tyre heating up under load during a corner. Imagine how totally awesome it would be to see an F1 car doing donuts! Thanks to FLIR Systems we don’t have to wonder anymore. Instead, we can marvel […]

2014 Belgian GP: Post-race press conference

It’s always great waking up the morning after an Aussie has won a Formula 1 race. One of the pleasures that comes with Daniel Ricciardo’s win at the Belgian Grand Prix is reading the thoughts he gave to the media after the race. Remarkably, Daniel Ricciardo’s three wins so far this season is only one […]

Daniel Ricciardo wins 2014 Belgian GP

Daniel Ricciardo has enhanced his already soaring reputation after he won a dramatic Belgian Grand Prix. It’s Daniel’s third Formula 1 race victory and the first win by an Australian at the admired Spa circuit since Sir Jack Brabham won on the old 14km layout in 1960. Mercedes was expected to dominate the race but […]