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The European: I just don’t want one

When I arrived in Australia, I saw a land of milk and honey. A land full of sun-kissed blondes and brunettes, sand and sun. I had landed in Bondi in the middle of December after a trip to Thailand which deviated as far from the conscientious traveller as you can imagine. Eat Thai food? You’re […]

The European: Do as I say, not as I do

I really like Citröens. A lot. And even when they were mundane and faceless. Way back when the DS was something even your dad had forgotten about and they’d long since done everything they could to make their cars as conformist as KRudd. The thing is, during this period they actually turned out some hidden […]

The European: Blind truth

The new BMW 5 series has recently been unveiled to the motoring press in Portugal. As luck would have it, The European was there to sample the new F10 first hand. That’s me above and, thankfully, the editor agreed to put boxes over my face to protect my identity. The great post-Bangle debate has already […]

The European: Special K

Arrrrrrrr, ooh arr me hearties. September the 19th (mark it in your diarrry) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and for people not inclined to wear pink or buy a bear, these sort of days form an integral part of the calendar year. While your colleagues may applaud your Movember cultivation in the name […]

The European: Back in the day

Those of you who follow The European may have been wondering where I’ve been these last few weeks. Some speculated that I went to ground for suggesting Audi designers as lazy and had been stalked by some polo-necked hitmen sent out to crush my fingers in the tight and visually arresting shutlines of a new […]

The European: I was left with no options

This week Audi launched its latest fat saloon, the A8. Some might describe the A8 as ‘the third way’, avoiding the default choice of BMW’s 7 series and the big Benz S Class. Arguably, the A8 isn’t even a third way any more, Audi having craftily ensured that a variety of Variety starlets are caught […]

The European: Everything old is new again

It’s not older, it’s been aged. So, I have fifty grand burning a hole in my pocket or at least sitting in my bank. Technically my share portfolio. Technically I don’t even have it. I’m lying again. Let me explain. If you’re as much as a car bore as me then you’ll have played this […]

The European: Chopper read

I went to buy a bike this week. Having realised I was starting to look like the bloke off those government adverts who gets progressively fatter as he ages, I figured it would only be a matter of time before I started looking like that big bopper with the cravat off Masterchef. And I don’t […]

Something new for AUSmotive

Since its launch AUSmotive has been a solo affair. After 18 months it’s now time to branch out with a new column called The European. Who or what is The European? Well, that is a closely guarded secret as you will read below. AUSmotive has been bringing you the best and most up-to-date daily European […]