Porsche sings happy birthday to the 911

Eight generations of Porsche 911

Another high profile 50th birthday bash is being celebrated this year, for the Porsche 911. To help get you in the mood for singing happy birthday to the world’s favourite rear-engined sportscar Porsche has employed a member of each generation to sing you a tune.

BMW MINI Porsche

Isn’t that nice

MINI congratulates Porsche

In a rare show of inter manufacturer love BMW has passed on an official note of congratulations to Porsche for the 50th anniversary of the 911. They’ve done so as stewards of their own 50-year-plus icon the Mini/MINI.

There’s a full statement and more pics from BMW after the break, but this paragraph gets to the heart of the message:

It’s tempting to wonder how different history would have been without the creators of these two successful cars. Neither Sir Alec Issigonis nor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche had any inkling that their designs would come to be considered immortal icons of modern times. Indeed, you would have needed a very clear crystal ball to see that Porsche had just dreamt up the most successful sports car of all time and Issigonis the “world’s only cool small car”.

BMW also makes reference to that questionable MINI v Porsche publicity stunt at Road Atlanta back in 2010.


Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition revealed

Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition

Porsche has said happy birthday to its iconic 911 with this special 50th Anniversary Edition. Based on the 911 Carrera S it’s powered by a 294kW 3.8 litre flat six (increased to 320kW for the US market) and adorned with model specific 911 50 badging.

It will be presented to the public for the first time at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, 50 years after the very first 911 debuted at the same event.

Other notable features of the 911 50 are its wide body, taken from the Carrera 4, and retro-inspired treatments to the rear engine cover and Fuchs-like 20″ alloy wheels. The retro theme is carried inside, too, with green lettering on the main dash cluster and a pattern reminiscent of the original Pepita tartan on the electric leather seats.

Available in a flat black and two unique exterior colours—graphite grey and geyser grey metallic—the 911 50 is described as a limited edition, although no detail is given in the press release below as to the number of cars to be made.

The video after the break features a graphite grey 911 50 and an original 911 in the same colouring. The 991 is fantastic, of course, but that old skool 911 makes us go weak at the knees; it just looks so perfect.