Is there a new Porsche 911 R coming?

1967 Porsche 911 R

If you know your Porsches you’ll know the reverence the 911 R nameplate holds. And we have it on good authority that Porsche is hatching a new special model, along the lines of the 997-based Sport Classic, that could well bring the 911 R badge back to the future. It won’t be a racing model like the original, but it will still be quite unique.

Based on the information we have learned a special prototype rolled off the Stuttgart production line earlier this week. This hitherto secret 911 features a Turbo S body, a 4.0 litre GT3 RS engine and suspension components from the GTS and GT3. The model has rear seats and Porsche is toying with the idea of badging it as a 911 R.

And, if you know your Porsches, you’ll also know that when they make limited-run models they don’t come cheap. It’s expected the 911 R will have a €250,000 base price. That’s close to €70,000 more than the list price of a GT3 RS, or around the price of a Cayman S.

At this stage we can’t say this is any more than a well-founded rumour based on information from sources AUSmotive has come to trust. We won’t mind at all if you bookmark this post and hold us to account.

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[Pic: The Revs Institiute ]