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Koenigsegg laughs at LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Pagani Huayra

Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg reckons their Agera R, first shown in Geneva two years ago, still has what it takes to see off the latest hypercar challengers from Ferrari and McLaren.

Firstly, with 830kW (1115hp) available the Agera R has more power than the LaFerrari (708kW) or the P1 (675kW) and, crucially, at 1418kg with fluids they say it weighs less as well. The Huayra is lighter than the Agera R, just, but with a paltry 539kW on tap it’s little wonder Koenigsegg is having a wee chuckle.

Oh, and with a v-max of 420km/h the Agera R really does laugh at its competition, which are all wallowing in top speeds that start with a lowly three.

Koenigsegg is also confident it can see off any of its challengers at the track as well and on road tyres. Which is a not so subtle dig at Pagani who fitted its Huayra with specially made hand-cut slick tyres before handing it over to The Stig, who then set a new lap “record” around the Top Gear track.

Of course, the Agera R does hold a number of world records regarding acceleration and braking, so it’s no surprise they are so confident. All we need now is for someone to get all four cars in the one location and let them rip!

[Source: Cars UK]