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Arthur Schening delivers Porsche 917 masterpiece

Porsche 917 by Arthur Schening

You may remember a chap by the name of Arthur Schening who we featured earlier this year. He’s a graphic designer by day and automotive artist by night. Here’s one of his latest releases, the beautiful Porsche 917K in Gulf Racing livery.

Having purchased a couple of pieces already we can vouch for the quality of the prints supplied by Schening and we’re going to find it very hard to resist ordering a copy of this 917 artwork.

For those of you not so inflicted with the Porsche disease perhaps this Ferrari 512M or Alfa Romeo Giula TZ2 may tempt you.

[Source: Schening Creative]

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Have you heard of Arthur Schening?

Porsche 911 S by Arthur Schening

Arthur Schening is a graphic designer, so we already know he is a cool guy. All designers are cool, aren’t we? Anyway, Schening ups the cool factor by some margin by creating these stylish illustrations of some very cool historic racing cars.

Thanks to Ferdinand Magazine for bringing these wonderful artworks to our attention and thanks to PayPal for the transaction I’m about to make.

Yep, that’s right, you can buy prints from Schening, and these three selected samples are just the tip of his automotive iceberg. Visit the Schening Creative website to see his full portfolio.

[Source: Ferdinand Magazine]