Mercedes-Benz Video

V8 powered Mercedes B55 lights ’em up

If you want to see and hear what happens when you stick a 388hp V8 into a shopping trolley then here’s the video for you. The Mercedes-Benz B55 one-off creation is one mum’s car you could take to the Summernats and actually gain some genuine street cred!

So, the B55 can do tricks in a straight line, but can it go around corners with any degree of competence? Maybe with rents for testing days at the Nürburgring heading for a 500% increase Mercedes might not be so keen to find out!

[via Autoblog]

Mercedes-Benz Video

Mmmm, donuts!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

From time to time we feature videos from car mags that bring us closer to the cars we love, or hope to love. Usually they’re pretty straight laced, informative and good, honest viewing. This clip from Car and Driver, though, breaks the mould. It’s the Mecrdes-Benz SLS AMG as you’ve never seen it before. You will love it!

Audi Motorsports

Do a skid!

Audi DTM donuts

Doing burnouts on public roads is bad, m’kay. Just ask Lewis Hamilton. But burning a bit of rubber on a street that is blocked off and surrounded by advertising hoardings is just fine and dandy. Good thing, then, that a couple of the Audi DTM pilots obliged at last weekend’s 2010 season launch in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Timo Scheider, Oliver Jarvis and Mattias Ekström are the guys behind the wheel and you can check out their handiwork after the break.

[Source: quattroholic]