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AIMS 2010: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG ‘Concept 358’

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz provided a couple of world firsts at the Australian International Motor show yesterday. This fantastically bright orange C63 AMG was one of them. It was made specifically to Mercedes-Benz Australia’s specifications and in addition to the designo Pearl Orange paint it has been fitted with an AMG Performance Package Plus. These performance goodies, including forged pistons from the SLS AMG, add an extra 22kw to the already potent C63. Total power is now a very tasty 358kW, while peak torque is a smashing 600Nm.

Seeing as BMW won’t let Australia play with their orange beast, it’s nice of Benz to step up to the plate. The matte black details set off the car very nicely and while you’d be sure to take a bit of a depreciation hit with such a lairy colour on a three-pointed star, at least you would have a blast while doing so. It looks really, really good!

Unfortunately it looks like the Pearl Orange pint scheme on this show car will be a one-off creation as it is not currently available to order. However the performance bits can be ordered now and if they got your attention, you’ll need to start saving a few extra bucks, about 15 thousand of them we’ve been told.

More after the break, including a PDF download detailing all the goodies in the AMG Performance Package Plus.