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Ferrari 458 Challenge debuts at Bologna Motor Show

Ferrari 458 Challenge

It was back in July that we first heard about the new Ferrari 458 Challenge, Maranello’s ready-to-race supercar based on the 458 Italia. Since then we’ve seen a couple of test videos showing the car in action, first at Fiorano, then at Monza.

The key numbers for the 458 Challenge are 419kW at 9000rpm, 540Nm at 6000rpm with a top speed of 310km/h. It’s also the first of Ferrari’s track-only creations to feature an E-Diff to help keep things in check. Joining this electronic wizardry is the F1-Trac system which features two settings calibrated using data sourced from Ferrari’s F1 and GT racing programs.

There’s more pics and Ferrari’s official press release waiting for you after the break.