Audi TT RS – Return of the famous five

Audi TT RS

Images of the Audi TT RS have spread across the interweb overnight, and here’s a few for you to take a look at. The TT RS will be revealed, officially, in Geneva next month. That’s if Audi doesn’t counter this leak by releasing official images and specs beforehand.

In the meantime, what we “know” is that the TT RS will return to the UR Quattro‘s roots and be powered by an inline five cylinder. The 2.5 litre is good for 340hp (250kW) and a very tasty 450Nm of torque. With a six speed manual and, of course, an all-wheel drive system, one should be able to propel the TT RS from rest to 100km/h in under 5 seconds.

The bigger front air dam on the lower edges of the front grille are the biggest visual clue separating the TT RS from the regular S model. There’s also a more aggressive rear spoiler.

More details and wallpaper sized images as they come to hand. For now, there’s a few more pics below and a YouTube clip which is said to be the engine note of the TT RS. If that’s true, then … Schwing!

Source: CarScoop &