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AIMS 2010: Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

If you ask any true car enthusiast to compile a list of the world’s coolest cars you should expect to see the Mercedes-Benz G-Class appear somewhere on that list. It’s the fact that it simply makes no sense for Benz to keep making a car like the G-Class that makes it so right. That they bother to let AMG fiddle about with the G-Class, as well, simply heightens the madness.

I mean, check the side exit exhausts. It’s bonkers and we love Mercedes to signing off on this most politically incorrect creation. Bravo!

The best news is that Mercedes-Benz Australia are re-launching the G-Class down under. It will be the first time in around 20 years since it has been on sale here. There will be two models on offer, the G 350 BlueTEC ($159,900*) and, of course, the G 55 AMG ($214,900*).

The G 350 BlueTEC model is powered by a 155kW V6 turbo diesel. As suggested by its BlueTEC moniker, this model features innovative technology aimed at reducing harmful emissions. Diesel engines are usually great for their low fuel consumption. However, not so great are the Nitrous Oxide (NOx) nasties that are often spat out the exhaust in big black clouds of smoke. This BlueTEC model, though, converts up to 80 per cent of its NOx emissions into nothing more than nitrogen and water thanks to a very clever catalytic converter.

Enough about that, we all know the G 55 AMG is where it’s at! And if you plant your foot to the floor from rest you’ll have your angry off-roader at 100km/h in just 5.5 seconds. That’s all thanks to a stark raving mad 373kW/700N combo provided by its 5.5 litre supercharged V8 engine. Beautiful!

The G-Class is set for its full Australian launch early next year. We can hardly wait!