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Ken Block – Gymkhana Threepeat

Ken Block - Gymkhana Threepeat

It’s been a week since Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three video hit the tubes. Now, for your viewing convenience you can can watch all three Gymkhana videos in the one place. The YouTube clips for Gymkhana One, Two and Three are available after the break.

Following an average of 1 million hits per day since last week’s launch Ford has finally woken up and issued a press release to piggy back off Block’s internet success. Also included are three wallpaper sized images from Gymkhana Three.


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Ken Block – Gymkhana Three

Ken Block: Gymkhana THREE

As previewed earlier in the month Ken Block is back. The location for his latest rubber burning escapade? L’autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in France. Why there? Perhaps the 51° banked corners had a fair bit to do with it.

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy as Kenny rips his Ford Fiesta to shreds. Quite literally.

[Thanks to Todd for the tip]