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Should we lust after, laugh at or respect the GTI?

Chris Harris drives the Mk7 Golf GTI

Chris Harris turns his hand to the Mk7 Golf GTI. He’s at the wheel of a base-spec 162kW model with a proper gearbox. Part of the GTI’s appeal is its understated nature. And yet, when a respected reviewer, such as Harris, takes an understated approach to his work what are we left with?

Just that, a question mark. Yes, Chris does say lots of nice things about the latest GTI, but where’s the passion and the gut feel that we normally get from his videos?

So, are we too comfortable with the Harris style, or has the GTI recipe become so familiar that it’s almost taken for granted? Like Chris, we’re going to leave you with a question mark.

[Thanks to Richard for the tip]


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Volkswagen Golg VII

This animated GIF gives you a look at the latest Volkswagen Golf VII rendering. Produced by Auto Express there is a likely to be a reasonable amount of guesswork taken, but it’s probably in the ballpark of what the next Golf will look like.

Styling cues, for the exterior lighting in particular, are heavily influenced by the New Compact Coupé shown at Detroit early this year. Indeed the entire front end of this rendering is greatly inspired by that concept model.

While the reign of the current Golf VI is likely to be one of the shortest in Golf history, we’re still probably around two years away from seeing the Mk7, and its all new platform, in European dealerships. Introduction of the Golf VII could even stretch into 2013, we’ll have to wait and see.

Once the new Golf is released we’ll be able to listen to Volkswagen thump their chests about their newest range of efficient small capacity turbocharged engines and plenty of other new technologies, too. The Golf is clearly Volkswagen’s most important mode line. They won’t get it wrong.

[Source: Auto Express]