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Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Red Bull Racing visits New York City

Grand Prix of America promoter Leo Hindery Jr, god bless him, still has dreams of New Jersey hosting a grand prix next year. The 2014 F1 calendar already has 21 races pencilled in and that’s without including the “New York” race.

Hindery Jr said: “Even if it ain’t all it seems, I got a pocket full of dreams, baby, I’m from New York!”

No hang on a minute, he just sung that to himself while he actually said out loud: “We never had any expectation of being on a preliminary schedule.

“But it took on a life of its own because so many of us are aspiring to be on the calendar that haven’t been there before—ourselves, Russia, Mexico, and with Austria also returning. In our particular case we were told not to do anything but stick to the date of the 20th [of June], which we intend to do.”

Attempting to give his comments some credibility, he added: “Bernie told us if we stayed consistent with the rules and applications then he would expect there to be a New Jersey race. Time-wise, we have done everything we have been told to do, and when to do it.

“The calendar decision will be made later this month, and although I can’t guarantee anything, we fully expect to be on it.”

Bernie is such a tease, isn’t he.

“I underestimated the challenges of doing this in the midst of a worldwide financial crisis,” Hindery Jr said, as he continued to dig a deeper hole for himself.

“Were it not for some great partners and some folks in the sport who want us to succeed then it would have been abandoned. I wouldn’t have been able to have pulled it off. But hands down this has been the toughest challenge of my career.”

Pulled it off? Well, that just might be the first thing dear Leo has got right. Because right now, there’s no race there. There, there’s no race!

[Source: Sky Sports | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]

Formula 1

2014 F1 season to be capped at 20 races

2013 German Grand Prix

Following word the Austrian Grand Prix is expected to return to F1 Bernie Ecclestone has said there will be no more than 20 races in 2014.

The Russian Grand Prix will debut next year and if the New Jersey Grand Prix can get its act together we’re facing the prospect of a 21 race calendar.

“We will have 20 races, not more,” Ecclestone told Austrian paper Kleine Zeitung.

So, something has to give and it’s likely to be New Jersey. Indeed, Niki Lauda, Mercedes AMG F1 team non-executive chairman, has said, “As far as I know, it’s already gone from the calendar.”

It’s understood Red Bull has signed a seven year agreement to host Formula 1 races at its Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, starting from next year. It turns out there are still some government-related hurdles to clear, relating to noise limits and spectator numbers.

“I don’t know everything else at the moment. Ask me again in the summer,” added Ecclestone. “Red Bull is very good for the sport, very good for Formula One. Everything is so professional at Red Bull, quality-wise at a high level. I think Red Bull will organise a very good grand prix.”

[Source: Planet F1 & | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]