Did you buy a Porsche 911 in 1970?

Porsche 911 factory in 1970

If you did can you see it in this photo? This very cool shot was taken in 1970 at Porsche’s 911 factory in Stuttgart.

Do you think the workers knew then what an iconic and much loved model the 911 would become?

[Source: History in Pictures]

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Porsche opens new museum in Stuttgart

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

Yesterday the new Porsche Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time. As you can see it is an architecturally stunning building, but just wait until you see what is on the inside!

Construction began in 2005 and the official opening took place last Wednesday with Chairman of the Board of Porsche AG, Dr Wendelin Wiedeking, declaring “This is our new business card on the Porscheplatz. At this meeting point, we welcome our international customers as well as numerous people from all over the world who themselves may not drive a Porsche but are nonetheless fascinated by our sportscars. We will not only use the museum as an exhibition, but also as a communication platform – as a permanent, integral part of the ongoing dialogue which Porsche conducts with the public.”

It costs around AU$16 to get in and is sure to entertain tourists and owners alike. During the construction phase Porsche was getting 80,000 customers per year to their temporary exhibition space which could only display 20 exhibits. Now, with space for 280 cars, one might suggest that their expectations for 200,000 visitors per year will be easily surpassed.

For more information about the museum check out the official website. Or you can just take a squiz at the location on Google Maps.

An extensive image gallery, starting with construction pics, and Porsche’s official press release after the jump.