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Team Lotus reveals 2011 F1 car

Team Lotus T128

Team Lotus (formerly Lotus Racing) has taken a rather unconventional approach to unveiling their new F1 car. It was first revealed in the launch issue of Team Lotus Notes, the team’s new magazine (hmm, do we sense another copyright drama ahead).

You can see a few pics of the car right here (there’s more after the break) but we would encourage you to check out the Team Lotus website and download the newsletter for yourself.

The T128 (or the TL11, it seems we can take our pick) will source its engine from Renault and its transmission from Red Bull Technologies. Chief Technical Officer, Mike Gascoyne, reckons this will help them move up the grid in 2011, “I think that basically this car looks like a front-running car in every area. We said very clearly that we want to start challenging the established teams and I think that’s very achievable.”

Remembering the whole Team Lotus v Lotus Group kerfuffle, things have been made even more confusing by Team Lotus listing the tech specs of this car (available after the break) under the heading Lotus Renault T128.

In case you were wondering, the other Lotus Renault will be revealed later today as well.