VIDEO: Toyota 86 gets the drift at Marulan

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Here’s a fun video showing the Toyota 86 being driven around a very wet Marulan Driver Training Centre. Supposedly the two cars are being driven by rally aces Rick and Neal Bates. From inside the cabin, the 86 sounds half decent too.

Toyota 86 photo gallery

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Rounding out our launch coverage of the Toyota 86, we bring you a healthy selection of press images. We start with the images you saw yesterday, but add to them, most notably with the higher-spec GTS model. For some reason Toyota has gone light on with pics of the entry-level 86 GT. After the break […]

Toyota 86 full Australian press kit

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Here, in all its glory, is the full text from the 2012 Toyota 86 press kit, with thanks to Toyota Australia. For an introduction to the 86, including local pricing, check out today’s earlier pricing & specs article. As the contents list below shows, there’s a lot of detailed info in this press kit. We […]

Toyota 86 – Australian pricing & specs

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Toyota Australia has just announced pricing for its new rear-wheel drive 86 sports coupé. And we think Toybaru fans will like it: the base GT model starts from $29,990 and the higher-spec GTS (shown above) is priced from $35,490. On its Facebook page Toyota Australia has shown an example of drive away pricing for the […]

Subaru BRZ STi seems certain

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Subaru’s global marketing manager, Atoshi Atake, has given the biggest hint yet that a BRZ STi will become a reality. A concept model was released at the LA Motor Show last year and any fans generated from that exercise will gain heart from Atake’s comments to Auto Express: “We have already had many requests from […]

LA 2011: Subaru BRZ Concept-STI

After teasing us a couple of weeks ago Subaru has now officially revealed its BRZ Concept-STI. And we’re pleased to say they have made a fine looking car as well; something Subaru hasn’t been too adept at in recent years. For the moment, though, Subaru is keeping major technical detail for the Tokyo Motor Show […]