The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

Discovering a winding stretch of black top that takes your mind away from the chores of daily life and allows you to enjoy motoring freedom is, pretty much, what driving is all about.

You might be behind the wheel of the latest and greatest from Modena, the finest from Stuttgart, a Golf GTI, perhaps. Maybe even an old faithful such as a Lancia Fulvia or BMW 2002. It doesn’t matter, just being out, driving, with no other purpose than simply enjoying your machine and the road ahead. For those who love cars, does it get any better?

One of the best roads to find out for certain is the Great Ocean Road on the south-west coast of Victoria. The road stretches from Torquay through to Warrnambool, but it is the section between Lorne and Apollo Bay that best captures the essence of this coastal road. It’s also the most enjoyable part to drive, as well.

Sure, there is often plenty of caravans and Sunday drivers, but this is a road that must be savoured and every moment of clear road enjoyed to its fullest.

Now, best get to the point of this article I suppose. Last Friday, episode 27 of the rather oddball ABC TV program Can we help you featured a segment on the making of the Great Ocean Road. It is a fascinating journey back in time that traces the history and the champions of the road at its genesis. You can either watch the clip directly on the show’s website, or choose to download the episode in full.

Watch the footage, think of the great roads you like to savour, then, on a nice Sunday go out and enjoy yourself. I know I will be.

UPDATE 17 August: Thanks to Todd for the pic.

The Great Ocean Road
[Screen grab from ABC TV footage]