Audi RS3 – another Frankfurt debut?

Audi RS3 rendering

Could the reveal of a new Audi RS3 model be just weeks away? If you believe the internet scuttlebutt, then, yes.

If true, it is expected the RS3 would be powered by the 2.5 litre inline five cylinder from the TT RS. That means the hottest of Audi hatchbacks could be sending 250kW to the ground through a six speed manual gearbox, with performance figures likely to be rather rapid.

As the above rendering shows, the RS3 could also look pretty damn aggressive, too. Audi fans across the globe will have their fingers crossed that this is one rumour that does come true.

[Source: autoblog & The Motor Report]

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If this has the 2.5 5cyl I will move to the country in the world where this is cheapest and buy it.

How appropriate! The wombat nose is finally matched with intakes large enough to inhale a live wombat in each side! 😉

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