Yes, quattro for Audi S1?

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2011 Audi S1 rendering

Hmm, someone is telling porkies. Well, at least, that appears to be the case following a new report from Motor Authority that says Audi’s new S1 will have a quattro drivetrain. Regular readers will remember last month’s report speculation from Auto Bild that the A1 platform, and the S1 with it, would be only available in a front-wheel drive configuration.

Now, though, we’re back to the quattro rumour. This is good. Even more good, if you’ll pardon the expression, is a repeat of the suggestion the all-wheel drive unit will be tuned for a 40:60 rear bias split.

Otherwise, the two reports agree on most everything else. That means the car will have a 1.4 litre engine offering between 140-150kW, thanks to a bit of forced induction. Torque is expected to be a healthy 250Nm, pushing the car along to 100km/h sprint time under six seconds. Amazingly, the little S1 may even wear 19″ shoes. I guess the car’s flared guards will help house such big feet if this guess work proves true.

Other developments reveal that Audi’s S range will begin to increase the visual differences over their donor models. This will be done with further use of aluminium inside the cabin. It has been said that Audi are likely to splash a bit carbon fibre about the place, as well.

[Source: Motor Authority]