Kept in the scoop?

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Audi S1 rendering

A quick scan of twitter earlier today saw this Autocar tweet grab my attention, “Audi fancies taking on Mini its new S1 – and we’ve got the scoop”

Now, I don’t want to diss Autocar‘s usually excellent work, but when they said “scoop” I must admit I did get a bit excited, what would their article reveal?

Well, not much, it has to be said. They say the S1 will be a rival for the MINI Cooper S. Yep, agreed. They say the S1 will be powered by a 180hp 1.4 litre engine. Yep, even Auto Express looks to have got that right almost one year ago to the day. Word of the S1 using a 7 speed S tronic transmission is hardly new, either.

The only point of contention is their claim the S1 will be powered by the front wheels only. And even this is not new, with contradicting speculation already well discussed in regards to the S1 and quattro.

So, where is this scoop? What have I missed? To be fair, there is a bit of info in regards to the broader A1 range (due for public reveal in a few months at Geneva), as well as the news the S1 will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 2011, before sales commence later that year.

Anyway, an Audi S badged car without quattro, is that brand suicide, or just a bit “meh”?