The next big thing

Audi A1

Sometimes when a car manufacturer is ready to launch a new car they try to keep things as quiet as possible leading up to a surprise reveal. Other times manufacturers sing from the roof tops telling anyone who’ll listen, and plenty who won’t, all about their upcoming model.

The latter approach is the one being taken by Audi for the A1 which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. A twitter, Facebook and YouTube offensive has been launched, with a new A1 microsite also up and running.

No doubt Audi will be drip feeding information over the coming weeks and months. You can see a YouTube clip below promoting the A1’s tagline “The next big thing”. Also, of some note, perhaps, is the “Project Quattro” graphics used in the flash animation on the A1 microsite. Fuelling speculation that the A1 platform might offer a quattro drivetrain after all.

For a reminder of the A1’s inspiration, take a squiz back at the A1 Sportback Concept.

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I believe customer delivery starts in August next year in Germany so I don’t know why they are previewing it so soon. A few other cars will be before it such as RS5 and updated TT.

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