Autocar drives the Ferrari 599XX

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Ferrari 599XX autocar review

Steve Sutcliffe from UK mag Autocar gets some first class assignments sometimes, but not many could better this one. He was the first person outside of Ferrari to drive its working test laboratory—the 599XX.

Just 29 of these 540kW V12 powered machines will be made and, according to the YouTube clip below, none will be used for racing. As we know, none will be road legal.

Sutcliffe has also written a review of his experience behind the wheel of the 599XX, and here is a snippet of his thoughts on Ferrari’s €1.1 million hyper car:

“I drove the car at Vallelunga circuit, near Rome, and it was nowhere near long enough; you could drive this car all day, all week, and still want more. But it was sufficient time behind the wheel to realise that, for its audience, the 599XX has a very clear purpose in life. Not just as a development platform for future technology, some of which will appear on a new rumoured GTO version of the 599 later this year, but also as a means of providing unmatched thrills and driving dynamics for a front-engined GT car. For pretty much any car, come to think of it.”

[Source: Autocar]

Ferrari 599XX autocar review