quattro 101

Audi quattro principle

Audi have recently released a couple of animated clips showcasing their latest quattro technologies. So, if you want to know how all those mechanical bits and pieces work, and why they work, then Audi is ready to send you back to school.

Set aside 10 minutes or so and you’ll find two clips for you after the jump. The clips feature the crown-gear centre differential from the new RS5, as well as explaining torque vectoring, available on the RS5 and also via the sports differential on models such as the S4.

If this sort of stuff turns you on, make sure you follow the links to previous RS5 and S4 articles which give you access to Audi’s press guff on the various technologies discussed in the clips below.

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[…] Naturally the RS5 features a quattro all-wheel drive system. There’s some new trickery hidden inside the RS5 quattro, too. Including a crown-gear centre differential with torque vectoring and an optional sport differential. You can get more of an insight into those systems through a couple of YouTube clips—available here. […]

[…] The RS5 has received extensive coverage on AUSmotive, so there’s no great need to go over the details again. The basics remain, that is the RS5 is powered by a 331kW 4.2litre V8 driven by a quattro system featuring trick terms like torque vectoring and crown-gear centre differential. You can find out more on that technology here: quattro 101. […]

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