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Volkswagen CEO’s mea culpa on noxgate

Prof Dr Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen AG CEO, offers up this mea culpa in response to noxgate; the diesel NOx emissions issue which Volkswagen says affects up to 11 million vehicles worldwide.

In a new statement Volkswagen says all new diesel vehicles which meet EU6 emissions are not affected by this scandal. However, if your diesel powered Volkswagen or Audi A3 is powered by an EA189 2.0 TDI engine then your car is right in the middle of the deceit which Volkswagen has overseen.

For some technical explanation as to why Volkswagen might have thought cheating emissions tests was a good idea, check out this reddit thread.

This is going to be a very sticky mess for Volkswagen to extricate itself from.

If you own a car affected by this deceit please tell us below how you feel. Can Volkswagen ever win back your trust?

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Volkswagen shares go up in smoke


Volkswagen’s shares have plummeted more than 18% in Germany as the company suffers the fallout from its diesel emissions scandal in the United States.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Volkswagen and Audi are in breach of California’s Clean Air Act after the manufacturers created software to deliberately cheat emissions testing. As a result, the EPA claims four-cylinder diesel powered models built between 2009–15 emit as much as 40 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than tests showed.

Over 480,000 vehicles are affected and Volkswagen could face penalties of up to US$18 billion, with fines of US$37,500 per vehicle in breach of the relevant laws.

“Using a defeat device in cars to evade clean air standards is illegal and a threat to public health,” said Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “Working closely with the California Air Resources Board, EPA is committed to making sure that all automakers play by the same rules. EPA will continue to investigate these very serious matters.”

For its part Volkswagen is preparing to take its medicine with Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen AG CEO, issuing a statement apologising for the breaches.

“I personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public,” Winterkorn said. “We will cooperate fully with the responsible agencies, with transparency and urgency, to clearly, openly, and completely establish all of the facts of this case.

“We do not and will not tolerate violations of any kind of our internal rules or of the law,” Winterkorn added. “The trust of our customers and the public is and continues to be our most important asset.”

Affected diesel-powered models include:

  • Audi A3 (Model Years 2009–2015)
  • Beetle (Model Years 2009–2015)
  • Golf (Model Years 2009–2015)
  • Jetta (Model Years 2009–2015)
  • Passat (Model Years 2009–2015)

Audi A3 wins 2014 World Car of the Year

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

The 8V Audi A3 has been named the 2014 World Car of the Year, beating a field of 24 finalists which had been narrowed down to three and included the BMW 4 Series and the Mazda3.

On awarding the A3 the grand prize the judges noted: “It might borrow styling hints from its bigger brothers, but the A3 still offers classic, chiseled contours and even better interior trim levels. With a superb choice of engines and 4 body styles, the A3 range packs a hefty premium punch in the small luxury segment.

“Audi should be complimented for making this A3 ride like no other A3. All the old shimmer over rough surfaces has gone, replaced by a silky smooth ride that approaches limousine quality.”

The WCOTY awards are in just their tenth year and Volkswagen Group cars have won the main award six times, including: Audi A6 (2005), Golf VI (2009), Polo V (2010), up! (2012), and Golf VII (2013).

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Audi releases A3 augmented reality user manual

Audi A3 augmented reality user manual

Audi has announced the release of an augmented reality smartphone app for its new 8V A3 which can be used to replace the traditional user manual. It looks pretty cool, simply point your phone to a feature you want explained and before you know it the app provides you with the info. There’s a brief video for you after the break which shows the app in action.

We’re not entirely convinced the app will work as quickly and as smoothly as shown in the video, but we’ll be happy to be proved wrong. Given this release follows the successful rollout of a similar app for the A1, perhaps this 21st century user manual will be better than we anticipate.

[Via engadget]


2012 Audi A3 revealed in sketch form

Audi A3 sketch

Five sketches have emerged detailing the look of the new Audi A3 hatch and sedan. Next year the third generation A3 hatch will be released; it will be the first model built on the platform which will underpin the Golf VII and many other Volkswagen Group products. In 2013 the A3 sedan will follow, which we know will be launched in the US and Germany. We can only assume the sedan model will reach other markets, but this is yet to be confirmed.

We don’t really see anything in these sketches that we shouldn’t expect. The lines have been sharpened up a bit, but really, we’re seeing an evolution of the current 8P shape here, rather than revolution. Of course, we were given a big preview of what to expect with the A3 concept “notchback” at Geneva last month.


2012 Audi A3 speculation

2012 Audi A3 rendering

Here’s a bit of goss about the next model Audi A3. Apparently the Ingolstadt crew are being kept so busy with the A1 and imminent Q3 that the next generation A3 has been put on ice for around 12 months. That means Euro markets will be seeing the next Audigolf in late 2011, maybe.

With increased competition from an extended BMW 1 Series range, as well as improved offerings from the Mercedes A and B Class ranges, the new A3 is expected to once again spawn three and five door variants, along with cabrio and Sportback models.

It seems the new-model-has-to-be-bigger phenomenon will see the 2011 A3 grow to a size slightly bigger than the current Golf VI. The rendering above, if correct, indicates the look of the new car will be a definite case of evolution with the Sportback model shown incorporating an A4-inspired lower belt line and new lighting design.

It’s probably not worth speculating too hard on the expected engine line up the next A3 will bring to market, for the simple fact a lot of fuel consumption and CO2 emission numbers are likely to be shed to ensure the Audigolf is one of the cleanest and greenest cars in its class.

[Source: Motor Authority]


Audi adds new cab to its ranks

Audi A3 Cabriolet

Audi Australia has just launched its newest addition to the A3 range—the all-new A3 Cabriolet—and they’re pretty chuffed, by the looks.

Audi Australia’s managing director, Joerg Hofmann, says “The A3 Cabriolet clearly reflects Audi’s brand values of sporty, progressive and sophisticated—with two dynamic turbocharged direct injection engines, Audi achieves the seemingly opposite goals of excellent performance combined with fuel efficiency, matched with an elegant design which is equally attractive in roof-up or roof-down modes. We expect the A3 Cabriolet to be extremely successful in Australia because it offers a multitude of flexible features—from the fun of driving with the roof down, to space for four people, excellent safety features, plenty of luggage space and genuine good looks.”

Well, he has to say all those nice things doesn’t he. I do agree, however, that the A3 Cabrio looks great—it is a stunning car—although I’m not sure how well it will sell down under. Though, I expect Audi Australia has realistic expectations on that front.

At launch, the A3 Cabriolet is available with two turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. Pricing starts at $49,900 for the 118kW 1.8 TFSI Attraction, fitted with Audi’s 6-speed double clutch S tronic transmission. The Ambition models, featuring the 147kW 2.0 TFSI, start at $54,900 for the 6-speed manual and $57,500 for the S tronic. The first sign of cost saving with the A3 Cabriolet is evident with the roof being soft top only. The second, and most likely the last, is that the standard roof is semi-automatic only, although it does open in an impressive 9 seconds. However, for an extra $1300 a fully automatic soft top is available, and your extra cash also gets you a bit more sound proofing.

Audi Drive Thru Reviews

Drive Thru: Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI Ambition

Audi A3 Sportback

After recently driving the Audi’s close relation, the Golf GT TDI with DSG, I was keen to see how the A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI Ambition compared. The two cars share the same basic underpinnings, the same engine, producing the same power (125kW) and the same torque (a gob smacking 350Nm). Both cars tested also shared the 6-speed double clutch transmission, or S tronic in Audi speak.

Let’s start with the subjective first, the car’s looks. To me, the Sportback body shape has a basic and rudimentary silhouette which can look awkward when viewed from the rear quarter. However, far from allowing this to be a negative, Audi’s designers have performed their usual task of delivering the market a well executed design solution and the A3’s slightly lower and raked roofline gives the car a sleeker, more dynamic look when compared to the Mk5 Golf. The A3 also has more of an exclusive feel about its looks. This feeling of exclusivity is reinforced in pure sales terms — in 2007, Audi sold 1,594 A3s, whereas Volkswagen sold 10,982 Golfs. Figures to the end of April this year follow a similar trend — 654 as against 4,503 — so you can be assured that an A3 will always be more exclusive than its Volkswagen cousin.