Ferrari Oh the humanity

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire

Ferrari 458 Italia fire

The gentleman you see above got a bit of a fright when he saw the rear arch of his Ferrari 458 Italia in flames while driving through the streets of Paris. No danger of the captain going down with the ship here, though. Monsiuer Italia legged it leaving his poor 458 to a firey end.

All was not lost, however, a good samaritan saw the trouble ahead and soon stepped in with his trusty fire extinguisher to minimise the damage.

[Source: AutoGespot | Thanks to Chris for the tip]

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The glue that holds in the heat shield in under the arches castches fire. The fix is “far less flammable” but heavier conventional bolt and nut sysrem. Otherwise no complaints so far on this car. It amazes me how many problems are caused when manufacturing tries to cheat with glue fastening – always creates an eventual problem – often less dramatic since most have the sense not to glue around high heat!

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