Ferrari Oh the humanity

Treedom fighter

Ferrari 458 Italia fail

If you had the cash to buy yourself a Ferrari 458 Italia I bet you’d be pretty happy with yourself. What, then, if you drove it into a tree the next day? That’s exactly what happened to this poor 458.

There are some practical lessons we hope we never have to learn. It looks like this guy has just failed Understeer 101. Hero one day, failure the next.

If you can stomach it, there’s some before and after video footage after the jump.

Ferrari Oh the humanity

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire

Ferrari 458 Italia fire

The gentleman you see above got a bit of a fright when he saw the rear arch of his Ferrari 458 Italia in flames while driving through the streets of Paris. No danger of the captain going down with the ship here, though. Monsiuer Italia legged it leaving his poor 458 to a firey end.

All was not lost, however, a good samaritan saw the trouble ahead and soon stepped in with his trusty fire extinguisher to minimise the damage.

[Source: AutoGespot | Thanks to Chris for the tip]


Ferrari 458 Italia wins an award

Ferrari 458 Italia

Big news in the motoring world overnight with the announcement that the Ferrari 458 Italia has been awarded the “Supercar of the Year” by GQ Magazine. What next, are Horse & Hound going to announce the “Car of the year that best avoided the use of glue”?

Who really cares about the award, or what GQ mag thinks of the 458, or any car, for that matter. The best news is the press release came with these stunning images. If I plan to give up a kidney in exchange for a Turbo S, then, well, my wife is in the firing line now. I’m sorry dearest, but you’re out the door for the 458.