Jeff Kennett recommends Kool Mints to drink drivers

Jeff Kennett

Jeff Kennett, former Victorian Premier and Chairman of beyondblue, has put himself in some very hot water today by recommending Kool Mints to drink drivers as a means to defeat Police breathalyzers.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell on Melbourne station 3AW Kennett said, “If you have had a couple of drinks and you want to absorb the alcohol quickly Kool Mints will do it.” Digging himself into a deeper hole Kennett proclaimed, “I would very rarely drink and drive, but if I’ve had anything at all to drink I will reach into my little pocket and have some Kool Mints.”

Unsurprisingly “Bloody Jeff” has attracted criticism from all angles. There’s not a lot more to say, to be honest. You can watch footage of the interview after the break.

[Thanks to Tim for the tip]