Audi RS3 unlikely to show its face in Australia

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2011 Audi RS3

Late last year we had a confidential whisper come our way suggesting that Audi’s stonking 250kW RS3 might not be coming to Australia. True to our source we sat on the rumour, and unfortunately for Audi fans, the info appears to have been proved correct. Further reports have reached AUSmotive HQ of Audi dealers confirming to their customers that the RS3 will not be offered for sale in Australia.

Apparently an Australian Design Rule compliance issue is at least part of the reason for the decision. Details are a bit sketchy, and we will seek confirmation from Audi Australia, however it is understood that for the RS3 to be approved for the Australian market it would need to undergo a specific crash test which is not required in any other market aside from Japan.

We’ll report back after we have heard from Audi.