Unless hell freezes over this is as close to the RS3 as you’ll get

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Audi RS3

If you’re a fan of the Audi RS3 you’ve probably seen the footage of the car mucking around on the snow and ice in Canada. If you have missed it, then you can check it out after the break. Looks like a lot of fun, don’t you think?

So, then, when can we have a turn? Well, that’s looking about as likely as hell freezing over, we’re afraid. Audi Australia is yet to officially respond to our correspondence seeking confirmation the RS3 will not be coming to Australia. However, their silence and reports of dealers refunding deposits tell their own story.

Meanwhile, Evo and Fourtitude were on hand in Canada to see if the elusive RS3 is worth getting upset about.

Fourtitude were generally positive, but did feel the RS3 was missing that final edge: “And yet, as glowing as we are about the car, we must admit it’s not quite as impressive as the TT RS. Performance-wise the horsepower difference can be counted on just one hand but the TT RS’ lower center of gravity and lighter aluminum chassis is a noticeable advantage.”

Evo only provide us with a small teaser, really, and while not glowing with praise, they were impressed: “It might not be as focused a drive as the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, but it has a broader range of abilities, as evidenced by its ability to easily, progressively, hold long four-wheel drifts on ice and snow and still have the balance to be flung between tarmac esses. It’s also faster.”

Maybe Australian RS3 fans are better pining for the TT RS anyway. It’s lighter and has a proper gearbox. Is that enough to compensate for reduced practicality?