New Stratos – limited build run likely

New Lancia Stratos

Since the middle of last year the world has watched the development of the New Stratos. Word on the car’s official website states that at least 40 interested parties have expressed their desire to have a New Stratos parked in their garage.

Further heightening expectations is news that companies, as well as current co-creator Pininfarina, have offered to build a limited run of the retro-inspired sports car.

As expected, though, the New Stratos won’t come cheaply. With the current level of interest it’s predicted you’ll need €100K (AU$135K) to bring your own Ferrari F430 donor car, only to have to offer up another €300K (AU$405K) to turn into a New Stratos. That’s a grand total of AU$540K—it would want to be a bloody good car!

[Source: New Stratos]