VIDEO: Sebastian Vettel lights up New York

Sebastien Vettel, Inifiti G37 Coupe

Here we bring you some video footage of Sebastian Vettel’s promotional visit to the site of next year’s Grand Prix of America in west New York. Unfortunately the audio is a bit whack and there’s not a complete lap shown from inside Vettel’s car. Mostly it’s a bit of hooliganism from Seb and David Coulthard in Infiniti coupés.

While in town Vettel was invited along to the David Letterman Show and once again he proved he’s not the villain us Australians often make him out to be. We quite like the bit where Sebastian offends Letterman when he suggested the New Jersey street course will be fast and will require “big balls” to do well. He also managed to drop the F-bomb without upsetting the easily-offended Yanks too.

You can see both videos after the break.