Next-gen Renault Clio RS loses its soul

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Renault Clio IV RS at Goodwood Festival of Speed

According to evo, the rumours suggesting the new Clio RS will exclusively feature a dual clutch transmission have been confirmed by Renault.

Compounding the loss is word the Clio hot hatch will be powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged four cylinder (with around 150kW). Gone is the free-revving normally aspirated four-pot, swapped for a default turbo solution. Gone is the slick shifting manual box, swapped for a granny-friendly twin clutch transmission.

On the plus side, the Clio IV should tip the scales around 100kg lighter than the Clio III. We’re sure Renault Sport won’t forget how to make the Clio a cracking drive, we just think it’s a shame that, on paper, it is taking something of a cookie cutter approach.

Oh, if you’d already put one and one together regarding Renault reuniting with Williams, well, don’t. There’s no plans to revive the iconic Clio Williams badge.

[Source: evo]