VIDEO: Boxster S v 911 Carrera

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Porsche Boxster S v 911 Carrera

The latest incarnation of the Boxster, the 981, is supposed to be very, very good. Similarly, the new 991 911 is also slowly winning over its critics, still pining at the loss of the remarkable 997 model that preceded it. But which is better, and should such a comparison even be considered?

Well, we don’t have to worry about working out the answer to that question because Jethro Bovingdon has already overseen a 981 v 991 grudge match, on behalf of Car and Driver magazine.

It’s Boxster S, with PASM and PTV, against a vanilla 991 Carrera. In Australian terms the price difference is substantial; you’re looking at around $150K for the Boxster and $250K for entry-level 911.

So, let’s find out where the smart money goes…